Your Custom Star Map

Catch your most magical moment

Your Custom Design

“A wonderful and unique gift”

Create your own personalized and truly unique star map print. Choose between your favorite design and add custom texts to catch your most magical moment. Create your night sky print with your personal touch.

How It Works

“It’s easy and so fascinating”

Align the night sky by your place & date and create a unique star map print with our simple to use editor. Get your custom star map shipped either as premium print, stretched canvas or by email as digital file.


Choose Your Design

Colors and map elements

Choose your favorite design and add the constellations of the stars, the moon and more elements to your star map.


Your Time & Place

Catch your night sky

We align your night sky for any given time and place in a star map. Surprise your loved one with a special gift to remember.


Personal Saying

is particularly valuable

Your personal message will be treasured by your loved one for a long time. This will makes your present truly unique.

Your Special Moment

Perfect present for all occasions

Your own designed star map makes a great gift idea for many occasions such as anniversary, birthday, wedding and many more special occasions.

Price & Details

“A unique moment is priceless”

Our premium prints and digital files are created with the highest precision and checked for high quality print results. Purchase your personalized star map either as premium print, stretched canvas or as digital download file.

High quality products

We constantly test and improve our star map materials in order to deliver the best available products to you.
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Worldwide delivery

We deliver your star map print worldwide. Once the order is shipped, you will receive your tracking number.
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Great customer service

We provide excellent and fast customer service. Our customers rate our service as excellent.
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Customer Reviews

Quality & Service

With us you get the best quality and a excellent customer service. For us it is most important that you will receive your perfect star map print. Please tell us about your experience with us. Your feedback helps us to create a better experience for you and all of our customers.